Family Photos

My cooking inspirations, my grandmother and my mother. This is the age when I started cooking.    

My wonderful husband & I on our wedding day

@ our second home, Cabo San Lucas

One of my 3 babies, my lil Munchkin

My middle baby Chop

My oldest Pugslee 


  1. I may have been part of your inspiration for cooking, but, you have surpassed me with many of your “dishes” for some time now. You became so “adventurous” with cooking, combining spices and ingredients in ways I wouldn’t think of -and the outcome is always phenomenally delicious!! It is YOU who now inspires me!!!!!!! (MOM)

  2. Aweeee thanks Ma'. You have always inspired me to go for my dreams. I wouldn't be the person I am with out you <3

  3. We always had so much fun cooking together! You were just past 3 years old when you made a side dish of mushrooms for Thanksgiving. It was so good that you made it for Thanksgiving every year after that. Whenever I was cooking you would say “Grandma, let me do it”. I’d give you your own pan and put all the ingredients in front of you. You would take, some of this and some of that, and put it in your own pan so carefully. When you were finished you would say “cook it Grandma”, but I had to first take a picture. After it was cooked it was put on the table with the rest of the food, Grandpa would taste it and smile! “This is so delicious", he would say, and ask for more. We all loved eating your special “concoctions”.
    I had a lot of joy cooking with you, and I feel blessed knowing I was part of inspiring you!