Party Planning Ideas

5 Easy Steps To Planning A Party

These steps should be done a month or more in advance.

  1. Pick a date
  2. Set your budget
  3. Make a guest list
  4. Pick a location
  5. Send out invites
Now here comes the fun part...or at least for me this is the fun part.  START PLANNING!!!!!

Pick a theme or type of party to throw:  This can range from a small get together to a large party. Maybe you want to throw a wine and cheese party at your house or throw a loved one a surprise birthday party at an outside venue.  Make sure you have a "theme" for your party as this will make it easier when you decide on the decor.

What type of food and drinks will you be serving?  Do you want just server appetizers or have a sit down dinner.  The type of food you have should reflect on the theme of your party.  If you are throwing a cocktail party appetizers and finger foods are more suitable then a buffet or sit down style meal.

Decorations:  This is the fun part for me.  Sometimes simple is better.  Your decorations should match your theme.  Don't overdue the decorations as this can take away from the event.  

Favors:  Do you want to have favors?  If you do what type?  You can purchase favors from many locations or be creative and make your own favors.

Entertainment:  Do you want music at your event or maybe karaoke? Maybe you will have it done professionally, these are things to consider especially keeping your budget in mind. 

Make it memorable:  Always have something at your party that people will remember.  This could be the food, favors, a centerpiece or the overall decor.  Make sure it fits your personality or the personality of the person you are throwing a party for.  I threw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party.  He is a DJ so I had my friend make a cake that was an exact replica of his turntables.  This was the unique item at the party and everyone remember it.

Always have a checklist:  Keep a list of items to do and purchase.  This will help you ensure you don't forget anything.  You should also keep a list and track your purchase so you don't go over budget.

TIP:  Make sure everything you do for your party falls within your theme.  The theme is the most important part of the party.  It sets the stage from the invitation type down to the favors.  

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  1. You were 7 years old when you threw your first Surprise Party –it was for my 32nd B’day. You saved-up money Grandma had given you, and you gave it to Christine. You asked her to go to the store for you and get Doritos, M&M’s, cake, soda and balloons. On my B’day you had her distract me so that you could set-up things. When I came upstairs you, Debbie and Giselle jumped out of the closet, “SURPRISE” was all I heard! When I saw the table decorated with all the “goodies” and balloons –all I could do was cry! I’LL NEVER FORGET IT AND HOW SPECIAL YOU MADE ME FEEL!!! (Christine said to me ‘you have NO IDEA what a fanatic this kid is, she drove me crazy making sure everything went the way she wanted it’). **THANKS**