Monday, September 10, 2012

Puking Pumpkin

Buy a small pumpkin, cut the top off and clean out the inside. cute 3 slits for each eye, 2 small holes for the nose and a large oval for the mouth. Place pumpkin on a plate with guacamole coming from the bottom of the mouth onto the plate. Serve with tortilla chips on the side. See guacamole recipe under dips.


  1. WOW!!!! What a great idea, looks awesome. This is something that can be enjoyed at a Halloween Party of any age -and it’s healthy too!

  2. Thanks mamma Fran :). Don't forget to follow the blog for more recipes and please share with your friends.

    1. You’re a great cook!! Always enjoy your food. You have a very creative and unique way of combining ingredients and the taste is always delicious. Your “zest” for cooking always shows by the tastiness of the food you make!

  3. hahaha, this is disgusting! I love it! I made really 'scary' witch finger cookies a couple of years ago, and none of the kids would eat them! I thought they were awesome, the kids thought they were to "gross". Thanks for stopping by my blog, good luck with yours! A good way to 'get noticed' is to participate in some recipe linkys, if you aren't already doing so, and Pinterest!

  4. Lol, my husband wouldn't eat it because it freaked him out. Thanks for joining and for the ideas. I started on pintersst .